Alejo Carpentier and Nicolás Guillén awards at La Cabaña

Alberto Marrero was awarded the Alejo Carpentier Novel Prize for "Water from Paradise". Photo: Ricardo Tamayo Pérez/ Juventud Rebelde.

The Alejo Carpentier Prizes for novels, short stories and essays were awarded this Monday at the 28th edition of the Havana International Book Fair (FILH), Cuba 2019, with its usual headquarters in La Cabaña.

El año que nieve, by Rubén Rodríguez, won the prize in the fairy tale category for being very well written texts, and with an interesting treatment of the themes nuanced by deep descriptions, as explained by Aida Bahr, a member of the jury.

The Holguinero writer, who also works as a journalist for the weekly Ahora, referred to the press that the book gathers realistic stories focused on the current Cuban circumstance, and reflects how human beings react to that reality.

In the category of essay, Hamlet Fernández was honored for his work La acera del sol: impactos de la política cultural socialista en el año cubano 1961 al 1981 (The Sun’s Sidewalk: Impacts of Socialist Cultural Policy in the Cuban Year 1961 to 1981), a useful historical inquiry, according to the award ceremony.

Enrique Saínz, member of the jury, stressed in the presentation, the importance of revisiting the presuppositions of this genre to avoid confusion, because there is still no clarity among the authors about the characteristics of the essay.

Alberto Marrero won the novel prize for Agua de Paraíso, a book that, according to Julio Travieso, president of the jury, presents a seductive plot from beginning to end, and constitutes a lucid radiography of contemporary Cuba.

The Alejo Carpentier Prizes for short stories, novels and essays were instituted in 2000 to recognize the best of Cuban literature, and to honor that important intellectual, who was one of the architects of the Latin American literary renovation, author of Los pasos perdidos, and El reino de este mundo, among others.

During the ceremony, the Nicolás Guillén Poetry Prize was also awarded to Alberto Peraza Ceballos for the book Macerar.

Alberto Marrero was awarded the Alejo Carpentier Novel Prize for “Water from Paradise”. Photo: Ricardo Tamayo Pérez/ Juventud Rebelde.



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