Clarisol, the doctor of the plants

Always cheerful, optimistic and enterprising. This is me since I was born in Guane. Clarisol Roque Díaz, president of the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF) in the municipality of Pinar del Río, a pinarean that loves organic agriculture.

I was always attracted to working with plants. I am of peasant origin, which is why I graduated as a Phytosanitary Specialist in Plant Health because it is like being your doctor.

How do you get to ACTAF?

When I lived in Guane, I always worked as a local technician in the Tobacco Company until 2016, when I came to the capital of Pinar del Río and began to work in the agro-ecological sphere in the National Association of Small Farmers.

It was a very beautiful period because I was very attached to the farmers attending their farms and showing them the importance of a healthy agriculture. After 3 years the ACTAF comrades talked with me to become the president of the association in the municipality of Pinar del Río, and I have been here ever since.

For 11 years you have been uninterruptedly at the forefront of agroecology in the province.

Yes, because I am passionate about this technique. I like to attend directly to the farm of the producers to transmit my experience that they see the importance of this practice, to incorporate other partners to which well applied favors increase and quality of the cultivations. If I had to live my life again, I would do so because I have obtained what I set out to do.

How important do you see the development of agro-ecology within Cuban agriculture?

That is the future of our country, for there to be health there must be healthy plants, and for these to excite the agroecological must be present. We must eradicate chemical products, apply a lot of organic matter, train producers, this also protects the environment, a branch that works ACTAF.

Challenges of Clarisol?

Increase the number of agricultural technicians affiliated to ACTAF.

Clarisol represents the driving force of the Cuban woman who has become a leader for the peasants of the municipality of Pinar del Río who see in her the will to change in favor of ecological and sustainable agriculture.



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