Woodcutters vs. Charros, the future in a duel

Woodcutters vs. Charros, the future in a duel

The Woodcutters from Las Tunas face this Thursday against the Charros from Jalisco of Mexico in the Caribbean Series of Baseball, in a game of life or death.

Cubans need victory to keep their chances of reaching the final. Whether Pablo Civil’s team defeats the Charros depends on a win over Lara’s Cardinals to gain access to the title discussion.

The management of the team announced Yariel Rodriguez. The team has produced little on the offensive and could handle options such as Frederich Cepeda, Oscar Valdés or Yurién Vizcaíno.

It would not be unreasonable for the capital’s receiver to enter the scene due to the low form presented by Yosvani Alarcón, the captain of the Leñadores, although Pablo Civil did not announce any changes in the line-up.

For their part, the Charros de Jalisco have two defeats in the competition: 1-5 against the Cardenales de Lara and 1-3 against the Leñadores. The batting of the Mexicans has also been poor in a stadium where the ball walks little especially in the evening.

The Charros must use left-footed Marco Tovar as the opener with a long career since 2007 in Aztec baseball. His service record shows a lifetime balance of 95-75 with an effectiveness of 4.51 in 12 campaigns.

This year with the champion team of the Mexican Pacific League he won three games with one defeat. He is a pitcher with a good strikeout rate of 6.3 although he gives away 3.4 tickets for each nine-inning game. The discipline in the home is a resource to use in front of a serpentine a little watered in their pitches.

For the Woodcutters, the future can be summed up in winning today’s game. Will they open the woodcut with ranchera music in the background?



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