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A Photographer Girl from Pinar del Río Shows a Unique Form to Reflect Nature

By Alberto Hernández Cáceres
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Muestra fotógrafa pinareña singular forma de reflejar la naturaleza
The novel photographer of Pinar del Río Amalia Castillo Siles feels, these days, the satisfaction of seeing reflected - for the first time - her work in a personal exhibition, entitled "In the Force of the Wings".

She is a student of  the Faculty of Physical Culture "Nancy Uranga Romagoza", in Pinar del Rio, and practitioner of Sports Shooting, she was able to externalize her possibilities in the use of the lens of his camera, by mixing the art with the athletics.

A dozen snapshots are present in the sample that will be on exhibit until April 10, in the lobby of the movies-theater Praga. The center of her images is the hummingbird, it id a native Cuban bird with a unique beauty, from which she captures special moments in its daily life.

Amalia Castullo Siles walks with firm step in her desire to become a leading exponent of the photograph, a modality that uses artistic portraits to catch the natural environment that surrounds her, always with  an  intentionality.

The pictures of Amalia focuse on to the detail of the surrounding nature, "which requires lots of concentration," says the artist, who also notes that "it is necessary to have tenacity and infinite patience to obtain the desired images".

Essential opinions

Master Oslirio Blanco Crusellas, Head of the Department of  University Extension Pinar del Río province in the Faculty of Physical Culture, feels pride when speaking of Amalia, photographer tranformed into a nature lover and in particular of the birds.

He has become a driving force in the artistic work of the referred youngster of Pinar del Río province, in the desire to reflect her work in an exhibition.

Nor can we fail to mention the one who always accompanies the artist to give her the professional advice and the necessary stimulus to continue. It is a Tailin Gonzalez Pacheco, instructor of art of the cultural brigade José Martí.

"Her artistic vision is wonderful. She has an exceptional eye photo and a sample of that is that we can see it in this exhibition that for many reasons is entitled: In the Force of the Wings. Amalia, looks very much to that hummingbird, of forceful beating of the wings, she  is relentless and of  strong spirit to achieve the desired goal".

The first photographic exhibition of Amalia Castillo Siles, is only the beginning of a professional career, that will require her many hours of love and dedication, but in the end she will always be awarded by the public who, already admires her.
Muestra fotógrafa pinareña singular forma de reflejar la naturalezaMuestra fotógrafa pinareña singular forma de reflejar la naturalezaMuestra fotógrafa pinareña singular forma de reflejar la naturalezaMuestra fotógrafa pinareña singular forma de reflejar la naturaleza


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