Pinar del Río for the recovery of soils

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The poor soil fertility in the center-south of Pinar del Rio, led to the application, in 2012, of the program of Sustainable Land Management for recovery of the characteristics of the substrate.

Areas of agricultural productive cooperative Jesús Suárez Soca in the municipality of Consolación del Sur, from Cubaquivir Company in Los Palacios and tens of hectares in the village of Las Martinas in the municipality of Sandino, were selected to implement project number one.

Studies and monitoring showed as elements that threaten soil fertility, poor crop rotation, insufficient forest cover in addition to inappropriate water quality.

To this date the project began to be implemented in favor of sustainability and water management, taking as reference the high degree of pollution of surface waters and their impact on soil fertility.

Candelario Alemán project coordinator noted that "In Pinar del Río it is checked the behavior of indicators established by the UN in relation to water stress, the evolution of ecosystems and the sustainability of protected areas."

Added to this is the implementation of the articles enshrined in the national water policy concerning the use of water infrastructure and the risks associated with the quality of the vital resource.

These actions involve farmers as essential subjects in agricultural practices as well as researchers in different areas.

Projects against desertification and drought are applied to the Havana-Matanzas plains, in Cauto Valley and in areas of demonstration of Guantánamo and Pinar del Río.

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